Map shows that Light Rail Plan delivers more winners than Subway Expansion Plan

Subway vs LRT Cost Comparison MapJanuary 5, 2011

Toronto City Council will soon be considering two, very different transit expansion plans; one that will build a network of light rail transit lines to all four corners of the city, and the other that relies on subway expansion. 

To help Torontonians, TEA created a map which neighbourhoods would benefit from the 8 light rail transit lines vs. subway expansion along Sheppard Ave. and the Scarborough RT

The Cost Comparison Map shows that the proposed light rail transit plan will serve 630,000 people in Toronto, over half a million more people than the proposed subway expansion plan, which will serve 61,000 people. Should the subway expansion plan proceed, one in five Torontonians will lose access to fast, reliable transit. 

Light rail transit is also better for the environment (see TEA's report below), and is better for taxpayers: light rail costs less per kilometre at $111 million versus $344 million per kilometrefor the subway plan.  

The information on the map comes from a report called “Making tracks to Torontonians: Building transit where we need it” released by the Pembina Institute. The report provides a detailed comparison of the light rail transit expansion plan adopted by the City of Toronto and the Province and the proposed subway expansion plan.