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Public transit is key to creating a healthy City. An excellent public transit system helps clean the air and reduce greenhouse gas pollution leading to healthier and happier residents (and it makes it easier to get around!).

Right now, too many Torontonians rely on cars and light duty trucks to get around. These vehicles account for roughly 28% of the Toronto's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and pollute our air. If we ever hope to change this, we need a TTC and a regional public transit system that makes it easy for people to keep their cars at home. 

Toronto needs extensive transit expansion and improvement to reach all neighbourhoods, especially under-served areas in Scarborough, North York, and Etobicoke. We also need affordable fares and better service along existing TTC routes, and better connections with other regional transit services. 

Our priorities are simple: more lines, better service and affordable fares. And that requires more public investment, from all levels of government. That's why TEA:

  • works with TTCriders to make sure there is a strong voice for transit riders at City Hall
  • collaborates with other regional transit groups to get a better regional transit system built
  • advocates for the Province to invest in new and existing public transit.

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