Meet Our Summer Outreach Team

Every summer the TEA team grows thanks to financial support from the Canada Summer Jobs program. By hiring university students with an interest in community engagement, TEA is able to reach more neighbourhoods on issues like waste and air quality.

This year, we’re thrilled to have 8 summer students working with TEA and our community partners: Malvern Family Resource Centre and LAMP Community Health Centre.

Meet our summer team: 

Monica De Vera, INHALE Downtown Toronto

Monica is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto and will be starting her MES at York University in September. She is returning to TEA for a second summer and has been a long-time TEA volunteer. 

Billie Rose Owen, INHALE Downtown Toronto

Billie Rose is studying Political Science and Human Geography at the University of Toronto, with a special interest in urban agriculture. She's at TEA this summer to work on TEA's INHALE project in Toronto's downtown core, and explore how reducing air pollution can improve environmental and human health. 

Katie Davis, INHALE South Etobicoke

Katie is a second year university student studying International Development and Political Science at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. She is working at TEA because of her interest in environmental issues and to get experience working with a small non-profit organization.

Monica Liedtke, INHALE South Etobicoke

Monica is currently studying Environmental and Urban Sustainability at Ryerson University. Monica brings a strong passion and love for the environment and engaging the community. In addition to working this summer with TEA, she volunteers doing stewardship and community work. 

Karthika Ambi, Scarborough Rouge-Park

Karthika is in her fourth year in the Environment and Urban Sustainability program at Ryerson University. She is currently one of the two outreach coordinators working in Malvern for TEA this summer. She enjoys working closely with her own neighbourhood by leading initiatives in waste reduction and helping communities reach their zero waste goals!

Najiba Sardar, Scarborough Rouge-Park

Najiba recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Hon. BA in Political Science and Diaspora & Transnational Studies. She formerly worked as the Vice-President Equity at the University of Toronto Students' Union where she discovered her passion for social justice and environmental advocacy. For this reason, she found TEA to be the perfect fit to further hone her understanding of environmental organizing intersecting with politics. Najiba will be beginning her Masters in Globalization Studies at McMaster University this September. 

Rosie Long Decter, Business Engagement, Spadina Fort-York

Rosie is a fourth-year student at McGill University, pursuing a joint honours degree in Political Science and Cultural Studies. She has previously worked for The McGill Daily newspaper, the Ontario Ministry of Health, and Ontario Culture Days. She is passionate about social and environmental justice, and excited to be pursuing those passions this summer at TEA. Her favourite activities are writing, singing, and talking politics. 

Shanilka Fernando, Business Engagement, Spadina Fort-York

Shanilka is a fourth year student from the University of Toronto Mississauga studying Environmental Science and Geography. She previously volunteered for the Riverwood Conservancy, likes going on hikes and getting dirty outdoors. Shanilka's love for the environment and environment-related issues is what brought her to TEA.