Additional Questions and Resources: Vote for a Greener City

TEA compiled a few additional resources and questions for our allies around transportation, green space, housing and equity - all critical issues to building a greener city for all.

Commitment2Community - Prosperity Platform (website)

  • Jobs Question: Will you seek community benefits agreements (e.g., commitments to local job creation) for new developments like the Woodbine Casino?
  • Housing Question: What are your plans for improving the quality of affordable housing in our city?
  • Transit Question: How and when will you make TTC fares affordable for everyone, especially low-income people?

Cycle Toronto Build The Grid Campaign (website)

  • Will you support building protected bike lanes on main streets?
  • Do you support accelerating the City’s 10-Year Cycling Network Plan to be completed in the next four years, instead of by 2026?

Park People Parks Platform 2018 (website)

  • Will you commit to maintaining the 50/50 redistributive policy that directs half of park levies funds into a citywide account to fund parkland acquisition and improvement in areas of the city that do not see as much development? This is a critical equity policy.
  • Will you approve a stormwater fee based on area of impervious surfaces and direct a portion of revenues towards the construction and maintenance of green infrastructure in parks and along streets?
  • Will you direct green infrastructure to be included within new park development and redevelopment projects? With new parks developed or redeveloped each year, this is an easy way to increase the amount of green infrastructure across the city to help mitigate neighbourhood flooding. 

Some other platforms and questions to check out: 

  • TTCRiders has questions, candidate survey responses, and more (view the website)
  • ProtectNatureTO (view the website)
  • TCAT, 8-80 Cities, Cycle Toronto, Walk Toronto, Friends and Families for Safe Streets - Build The Vision TO Campaign (view the website.)