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TEA's Mayoral Candidates Survey: The Results

TEA asked mayoral candidates three environmental questions on climate change and waste, as well as two questions on local governance in light of the mid-election decision to reduce the number of wards by half. Eleven mayoral candidates responded to our questionnaire, including frontrunners Jennifer Keesmaat and John Tory.

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How Did Your City Councillor Vote?

How did your current Councillor vote on key environmental issues in the last term? Our vote record holds your Councillor accountable for their decisions and gives you information to help you decide who to cast a ballot for. 

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Election Basics

Vote on Monday, October 22nd! 

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5 Questions for Candidates

As part of our work to put environmental issues on the agenda in the 2018 municipal election, we’ve compiled 5 environment-focused questions you can ask your local candidates.

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Additional Questions and Resources: Vote for a Greener City

TEA compiled a few additional resources and questions for our allies around transportation, green space, housing and equity - all critical issues to building a greener city for all.

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