Take action

TAKE ACTION: Toronto City Council is voting on a new climate plan. Let's get it right.

Soon, Toronto City Council will vote on an updated climate plan called the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy. The proposed strategy sets a strong and necessary target of zero emissions by 2040. 

Increasing our targets is critical - but a new target won’t be enough. The net zero strategy must come with a robust plan of action, strong accountability mechanisms to keep us on track, and the funding to make it a reality. 

Take action to strengthen the plan before City Council votes on December 15th. Urge City Council to:

  • Adopt the new 2025 and 2040 targets, a significant step up in Toronto’s ambition. 
  • Accelerate emissions reductions in the highest-impact areas, moving faster on plans to green City and TTC fleets, expand rapid bus lanes, and move up the Toronto Green Standard implementation timeline to green buildings faster.
  • Create a strong plan to measure progress and ensure accountability, including annual reporting, to keep us on track.
  • Put Indigenous rights, equity and climate justice at the core of the strategy. 
  • Meaningfully involve residents in the design, development, and evaluation of actions, and ensure equity-deserving voices are centred in the strategy.
  • Commit to fully funding the strategy in 2022 and creating new sources of sustained funding for climate action that are fair and equitable. 

The City must stay accountable to us, the people, our communities and to our future. Now is THE opportunity for Toronto City Council to strengthen the plan by listening to the recommendations put forward by residents, experts, and local organizations. 

We can't afford more delays or empty promises. By sending a letter to your City Councillor and the Mayor, you can help strengthen Toronto's climate plan.