NEW REPORT: Reducing Single-use Foodware on Toronto's Waterfront

In the summer of 2022 TEA continued its work with the UofT Trash Team. We conducted a study to examine the experiences of local businesses switching from single-use foodware to reusable options. You can read out report from last year here. During 2022 our study evaluated the attitudes and how ready the food service businesses and their customers are to both reduce single-use foodware and adopt reusable alternatives.

Our research focused on the Waterfront Business Improvement Area (WBIA) – a busy pedestrian area that includes dense residential, employment and recreation (tourist) areas and food service businesses selling ready-to-eat food. Observational data were collected from 90 businesses and surveys were conducted with 45 businesses from the Waterfront Business Improvement Area (WBIA), including sit-down restaurants, quick-service restaurants, and coffee shops. Surveys were also conducted with 100 customers from the same area. Businesses and customers were asked about their current practices, perceptions, and support for regulations on single-use and reusable foodware.

We found that customers overwhelmingly supported businesses taking measures to reduce their waste. We also found that businesses are taking some steps to reduce waste and single-use foodware.

Our report was published in April 2023, access the full report here.