Our Hydro Coalition applauds decision to take Toronto Hydro privatization off the table

Our Hydro, the coalition brought together to defend Toronto’s publicly-operated utility, applauds what appears to be a decision at City Hall to back away from a back room plan to privatize Toronto Hydro.

“There was never a credible argument supporting privatization, said Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance. “There was no financial scenario that would serve the needs of council, and at a time when our dependency on hydro is growing as we move away from fossil fuels, it makes no sense to give away control over our utility.”

The decision to cancel the back room deal was likely motivated by political and public opposition. The OurHydro campaign, launched a month ago, focused on informing voters about the looming threat, and urging them to contact their city councillors with their concerns. The coalition’s efforts generated thousands of emails, phone calls and petition signatures and placed considerable public pressure on members of Tory’s Executive Committee.  
“Torontonians, especially those low-income residents for whom hydro costs are an increasing burden, can breathe a little easier for the moment,” said Alejandra Ruiz Vargas, Chair of East York ACORN. “I’m relieved councillors and Mayor Tory will be making the right choice, to keep Toronto Hydro publicly owned and accountable to all of us.”