The 2019 Greener City Celebration

On December 10th, TEA held the 2019 Greener City Celebration - our annual end-of-year party that brings together our community to celebrate what we’ve accomplished that year. Take a look at some of the photos and highlights from the evening.

Above: TEA's Executive Director Emmay Mah

“Despite the uphill battle we face, it feels like there are openings and possibilities now that weren’t there even a few years ago – and some of our recent victories suggest that this might be true. There is a groundswell of people ignited by big ideas such as the ones encompassed in a ‘just transition’ or ‘green new deal’. And I believe that our community has an important role to play in building the local foundation for these ideas and that collectively, we already have many of the building blocks we need. Working together, we can build the social and physical infrastructure needed to bring big ideas to life.” - from TEA’s Executive Director Emmay Mah’s opening remarks

Our master of ceremonies and long-time friend of TEA, comedian Ali Hassan, effortlessly kept the night flowing and crowd laughing. Ali Hassan is the host of CBC Radio One's weekly comedy program Laugh Out Loud and the moderator of CBC Radio's annual Canada Reads competition since 2017. 

We were touched by Ali's words about how TEA has strengthened his connection to Toronto - we are honoured to be part of your journey Ali!

TEA’s Campaigns Director Heather and Board Chair Michal Hay presented the 3rd annual Greener City for All Award to PARC and the Parkdale People’s Economy, in honour of their transformative work to build an equitable and sustainable neighbourhood. This year’s honorees showed us what local economic systems centred on people, and communities built on restorative relationships can look like. They reminded us of the real challenges people face in the fight for affordable housing and climate justice, and the strength that can be found in coming together to organize as a community.

Above: Mercedes and Karla from PARC and Parkdale People's Economy.

This award celebrates the success and hard work of community organizations and individuals that are creating a greener and more equitable city. TEA is committed to sharing these inspiring stories and amplifying this great work because nothing is more powerful than proving what’s possible in our own backyard. We’re proud to be working in partnership with PARC and the Parkdale People’s Economy to demonstrate how community priorities like food security, safe affordable housing, and community development are connected to climate justice.

We had musical performances by Barbara Lynch and Beny Esguerra

Juno Awards Nominee, Beny Esguerra, brought us to our feet with his unique New Tradition Music, bridging worlds in the best possible way with the beautiful sounds of an ancient Indigenous instrument, infectious rhythms and a powerful message of interconnection and resilience. 

The night would not have been complete without Bill Glenn bringing the spirit of TEA’s previous “EcoBunk” greenwashing award show with his “14 Shopping Days Until Christmas” presentation. Every year, Bill pokes fun at some of the most outrageous holiday toys and gifts and brings his truly unique brand of irreverence and laser-focused outrage.

Finally, thank you to our generous sponsors, Greener City Partners, Greener City Friends and all the persons and organizations who, through their support, made this year's Greener City Celebration a resounding success.


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