PEER LEARNING EVENT: Virtual Tour of a Leading Building’s Zero Waste Space (Recording)

As part of the Zero Waste High-Rise Project, TEA is hosting online Peer-Learning Events where you will hear directly from residents and staff from leading zero waste buildings - and learn how they achieved waste reduction.

This session looks at how a downtown condo improved it’s recycling rate by rearranging their waste room and adding options for re-use and special waste collection.

For those who missed the live event or would like to review what was covered we have provided a full video recording below.

Michael and Lisa of the Green Committee at 40 Homewood, take us on a virtual tour of their building. They show us how they’ve achieved steady progress towards zero waste and discuss how they maintain an active and energized green team.

Watch the video to: 

  • See how simple changes to their waste room - including improved lighting, more signs, and rearranged bins - helped reduce recycling mistakes.
  • See video of their hazardous and special waste collection area and ‘Free Boutique’ sharing table, and hear about how the Green Committee manages it.
  • Hear about and see examples of the many posters and digital signs used to share news and feedback with building residents.

Learn more about the project and find more tools and resources, including recordings of other sessions here.