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TAKE ACTION: Tell City Hall to Support Reuse, not Single-Use

Update November 20 2023: The status of the Federal plastic ban is unclear, but this is even more reason for Toronto Council to act quickly on local single-use regulations. Our city can pass local bans on plastic to address foam, black plastic and bags, like many other cities in Canada. Toronto businesses have already made changes to reduce plastic and Toronto residents strongly support the banning of foam and black plastic.

The City of Toronto is finalizing the next phase of their Single-Use Reduction Strategy right now. This plan is meant to reduce the growing amount of single-use plastics like bags, cups and takeout foodware.

Other cities are showing what’s possible: in Edmonton, restaurants have to provide reusable cups for dine-in orders, and across France, fast food chains like McDonalds serve all food on reusable dishes. By the end of this year, the federal ban on single-use plastics starts - now is the time for our city to support businesses to move away from harmful, single-use plastics and disposables of any material towards waste-free reusables. 

We need to speak up and tell City Council to move quickly to take action with strong policies that will help local restaurants and food businesses shift from harmful disposables to reusable alternatives, and adopt reusable options for take-out and dine-in

Use this form to send a letter to your local Councillor, the Mayor, and the Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee. Let’s make sure we keep moving in the right direction, let’s not replace plastic with different wasteful, expensive disposable options.

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