Saving Energy: The 6-Step Guide to Tenant Action

TEA has designed the first-ever Saving Energy Guide for tenant-led energy conservation in Ontario. With the generous support of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Community Go Green Fund, this guide is a free downloadable resource for tenant organizers throughout Ontario!

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for tenant activists and advocacy groups who want to help tenants in their neighbourhood save energy and money. It aims to encourage tenant-led initiative in getting neighbourhoods organized and working towards common goals.

Goal of the guide

This guide provides a 6-step process to kick-start tenant-run energy conservation activities in your neighbourhood. It offers a step-by-step approach to organizing and running neighbourhood efforts that will help reduce energy use in apartment buildings. Enabling tenants to run their own conservation program not only saves energy but strengthens our communities and inspires people to undertake further actions that can improve their lives.

What to expect

Each step in this guide begins with an overview of what key tasks are covered and a list of what you can expect to accomplish by the end of each step. We provide you with key advice to help you carry out the various tasks required in each step and also include examples and tips related to the tasks. Some areas have more detailed information on the topic at the end of the guide in the Info & Ideas section.


*This project has received funding support from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Such support does not indicate endorsement of the contents of this material by the Ministry. 

With support provided by the Community Go Green Fund