Scarborough Risks Losing “Best Recyclers” Status if Garbage Collection is Privatized

For Immediate Release

January 27, 2017

Toronto: A new report shows Scarborough residents are the best recyclers in Toronto and that privatizing garbage collection could jeopardize their number 1 status.

“City data shows Scarborough has the best recycling rates in the city,” said Emily Alfred Waste Campaigner for the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA). “Our report shows how Scarborough’s waste diversion performance could be harmed if Council rushes ahead and privatizes waste collection in Scarborough.”

The report Protecting Scarborough’s Success: How Contracting Out Could Harm Scarborough’s Waste Diversion Performance was released today by the Toronto Environmental Alliance, the city’s environmental watch dog, days before a crucial Council vote on whether to contract out waste collection in Scarborough.

“The report makes it clear there are too many risks involved in contracting out waste collection in Scarborough,” said Alfred. “For example, the report provides many examples of private waste collectors in Toronto and across the GTA who have broken the rules and act in ways that harm recycling efforts of residents.”

The report also shows that the experience of contracting out waste collection west of Yonge Street has raised concerns by the City Auditor. “The City Auditor has repeatedly said the City has not put in place the monitoring and enforcement required to ensure private contractors are following the contract rules,” said Alfred.

The report also notes that city staff have only released 7 of 18 reports requested by Council to evaluate what impact privatizing garbage west of Yonge Street has on recycling rates and waste services.

“The bottom line is that the facts in front of City Councillors suggest contracting out waste collection in Scarborough could harm Scarborough’s waste diversion performance,” said Alfred. “That’s why we hope Council will vote against contracting out and protect Scarborough’s status as the city’s best recyclers.”


For more information, contact: Emily Alfred: 416-543-1542.



Metaphoto Credit: Blue bins on street by cdrost on flickr