Greener City Celebration: Registration for Sponsoring Organizations

If you are a member of an organization sponsoring the 2020 Greener City Celebration, please complete the registration form to access a FREE digital ticket to the Greener City Celebration. 

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The 2020 Greener City Celebration

This year’s virtual event will honour the transformative work happening in Toronto to respond, rebuild, and create a future that is more sustainable and just.

This year has been a time of upheaval and change. It has also been a time of incredible re-envisioning and re-imagining of the future of our city. We’ll shine a spotlight on the organizing and visioning happening in Toronto, highlighting the contributions of workers, community organizers and movement leaders.

As with the Greener City Celebration in past years, we’ll be joined by special guests, entertainers, community partners and collaborators. 

DATE: Tuesday, December 8th at 7:30 pm