TEA's Letter to The Star about the Wind Farm Debate

Toronto Environmental Alliance's Letter to the Toronto Star's Editor in response to Wind farm debate far from over

What I think everyone can agree on is that Monday’s meeting on the future of windmills in Toronto brought out many passionate opinions from Torontonians, including Guildwood residents. Regardless of where we live in this city, we all share a desire to do what’s best for our neighbourhoods, our city and our environment.

As we move forward, we now need to set aside this understandable passion and have an honest, objective discussion about the facts of windmills and Toronto Hydro’s proposal to put a wind measuring device in our lake.

What’s at stake is the energy future of this city and the role windmills will play in cutting smog and curbing climate change. Let’s show the world that Torontonians know how to address these vital issues.

Franz Hartmann, Executive Director

Toronto Environmental Alliance