Tell John Tory the Environment is a Priority

During his 2014 election campaign, Mayor Tory supported many of TEA's recommendations in our Green Action Agenda, including actions to prepare for climate change, to reduce waste and toxics, and to improve TTC service and air monitoring.

It’s time to remind him to keep his promises, and to let him know we will support his efforts to build A Greener City for All.

Send a letter to Mayor Tory showing your support today!


TEA's Green Action Agenda outlines 5 key environmental issues that Toronto Council must address over the next 4 years.

  • Mayor Tory's answers to TEA's Green Action Agenda survey
  • Mayor Tory's comments on TEA's Green Action Agenda

TEA plans to deliver these letters to the Mayor in the New Year to send a clear message that Torontonians support him in acting on his environmental commitments.