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TEA's Green Action Agenda for Toronto

GAA_logo.gifTEA's Green Action Agenda raises five crucial concerns that Council will have to deal with over the next four years. It provides a detailed road map of priority actions that need to be taken, to prepare for the future and prevent costly consequences.

Each issue is explained in detail with clear steps Council must take to move Toronto forward. These are the minimum investments we need to make to build a greener Toronto for all, especially for the children who will inherit our city.

Green Action Agenda (PDF for download)TEA developed the Green Action Agenda in June 2014, to make sure environmental issues were being discussed in the 2014 Toronto Council election campaign.

In October, Torontonians elected a new Mayor and a majority of Councillors who have shown support for these goals. During this Council term, until 2018, TEA will work hard to make sure the Green Action Agenda is at the top of the environmental agenda at City Hall.

What You Can Do

Send a letter to Mayor John Tory to let him know environment is a priority.