The City Budget

Setting the annual budget is the time for Council to set priorities, programs and services for the year ahead. The decisions made during the budget process can harm or help in improving the environment.

Water and Waste budgets are voted on first, usually late in the year. These budgets (called 'Rate-Supported Budgets') are supported by user fees, paid like a utility

The Operating and Capital budgets are the major budgets for all other City services, programs and activities (including roads, city planning, emergency services, social services and environmental programs). These budgets are supported by property taxes paid by residents and owners of commercial properties. City Council usually meets in January to discuss and adopt these budgets.

TEA actively monitors the City’s budget process. We often make recommendations for improvements and work with our supporters to get these changes adopted.

Toronto Budget 2015

Social Planning Toronto, Budget Townhall PanelOn January 20, 2015, the Mayor and City Manager released the draft 2015 Budget. As well, the city's budget website went live. Two days later TEA's Executive Director, Franz Hartmann gave a short overview of this proposed budget at a Townhall hosted by Social Planning Toronto. Watch the video here. For more budget updates, please check out our News & Updates.

Important Dates

January 20: Mayor releases proposed budget.

January 27-9: Budget Committee reviews proposed budget.

February 2-4: Budget Committee meets to hear public comments on Budget

February 13, 20: Budget Committee meets and makes possible changes to budget

March 2: Executive Committee meets to review budget and make any final changes

March 10: City Council meets to review budget and make any final changes.