Long Term Waste Plan - June 2014 update

Toronto staff want to hear from the public on a Long Term Waste Plan for Toronto's waste over the next 50 years. 

The City of Toronto is developing a plan for what to do with Toronto's waste when the City's landfill is full.

Consultants and staff held four public information sessions and created an online survey to gather public opinion and ideas on Toronto's long term waste issues in the summer of 2014.

See the City's Project Update #1 or view the information presented at the info sessions on the City website.

TEA is a member of the Strategy's Stakeholder Advisory Group - the only community-based and one of only two environmental organizations in the group. The Stakeholder Advisory Group will meet 5 times in 2014 and will meet monthly in 2015 as the strategy gets closer to completion to give ideas and feedback on the plan from different perspectives.