Toronto's Environmental Progress Report

Mayor Tory and Toronto City Council are now exactly halfway through their four-year term. TEA has been monitoring the votes they cast and the decisions they made and we’re launching a report that evaluates City Council’s first two years on four key issue areas: climate change, transportation, toxics, and waste.

While we’ve made some progress, there is still much work to do:

  • Progress on pollution policies and zero waste goals suggest City Council may be willing to take bolder actions to protect our health and the environment

  • Budget cut backs and lack of investment in public transit and necessary climate change actions is a worrisome trend that stops progress in its tracks

As Toronto’s environmental watchdog, TEA will be continuing to hold elected officials to their commitments, monitor the budgets needed to fund the work, challenge ideas that pose harm to our communities and the environment and promote policies and programs that can build a greener city for all.