Waste Free Daawat (Feast)

On Sunday, more than 70 people gathered for a presentation, meal and celebration of a new Waste Free Daawat Guide developed by the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA)'s leadership development program with TEA's help. 

A 'Daawat' is a social gathering focused on food, or a 'feast'. The guide outlines how to reduce food waste, choose recyclable and reusable dishware, and to keep the environment in mind from the planning stage. 

The guide was developed by volunteers in CASSA's 'CapaCITY Creators' program that had been working closely with TEA on the Waste Free TO Challenge. Earlier in the summer, TEA and CASSA hosted a waste-free picnic and workshop to talk about the Waste Free Challenge specifically for the south asian community.

The Daawat hoste people for a presentation, meal and celebration of the guide. CapaCITY Creator Nirogini Nalliah gave a presentation about the impacts of waste, some cultural considerations for reducing waste, and the value of the Waste Free guide.

See a story about the event in the local paper: Beach-Danforth Snapd