Tips for the Long Term Waste Plan public survey

The City wants to hear from you on the Long Term Waste Plan this summer via an online survey that will close on July 24.

This is a critically important issue, and it's your chance to help Toronto decide whether we choose a path to zero-waste.

Read TEA's tips below to help you share your waste-free ideas on this important issue!


1. You'll be asked to Rank Your Priorities The City will ask what you think is important to help them evaluate and rank the different options. The Environmental Impact, and Community Impact are key - you can also make comments on each of the priorities, or suggest your own (see the screenshot below). We believe that crucial priorities are missing from the list: Health Impacts and Social Equity. It's important that reducing waste and  the waste hierarchy (focusing on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in that order!) are a high priority

2. Incineration, or Energy-from-Waste is a waste of resources. Burning garbage is dirty, toxic and inefficient. It's sometimes called 'Recovery' of energy, but it destroys materials and resources that should be repurposed or recycled. And it's not a good source of energy: the energy we can conserve by recycling something is far greater than the energy we can get from burning it. As we look a half-century into the future, we should aim higher; let's look for new tools and emerging technology that can help us conserve and recycle materials more efficiently, not just destroy them. (Read more about Energy from Waste)

3. Use the Comments box! If you want a waste free Toronto with a focus on good green jobs and a healthy community - say so! You'll be shown many ideas for dealing with waste, and you'll be asked if you have any additional comments or thoughts in the survey - this is your chance to be sure your environmental concerns are heard.

4. You don’t have to be an expert! The City consultation and survey will ask some questions that you may not know the answer to, but that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t understand' or 'I don't know enough about this to answer’ in the comments section or skip the question.

5. Share your own experiences with waste, your values and your ideas! Answer questions based on your own experience and values. Share your thoughts on what works for you and your family or community.

And finally:

6. The conversation is just getting started! Share you thoughts with the city, but contact your local Councillor and let them know what you think too (after all, they are the ones who will vote on the staff's recommendations). Join the conversation at TEA, and talk with your community!

Screenshot of the Long Term Waste Survey - when asked to Rank Your Priorities, you can add Comments on each priority, or suggest your own!