What actions would help the Greenbelt?


Here are some ideas. Feel free to use them as you see fit.

  • Enhance the health of ecological lands in the Greenbelt.
    We rely on these lands for our fresh air and clean water. These lands are also are important green infrastructure to help us prepare for climate change.
  • Enhance the ability of local farmers to make a living by allowing for small, agricultural business that aligns with the goals of the Greenbelt.
    We need Greenbelt farmers to make a decent living so that they continue supplying us with local food.
  • Make sure that future development in cities around the Greenbelt is close to transit and other infrastructure.
    This way, we reduce air and greenhouse pollution and resource extraction that harms the Greenbelt.
  • Grow the Greenbelt into urban river valleys.
    Rivers that start in the Greenbelt flow through our cities into Lake Ontario. The public lands around these rivers should all have the same level of protection to ensure these ecological lands are protected. 
  • For the next 10 years, don't allow any rural and/or natural lands to be designated "urban".
    We don't need any more urban sprawl. Instead, we need developers and cities to build smart neighbourhoods in existing cities.
  • Do not build infrastructure that will harm the Greenbelt.
    The proposed GTA West Highway is an example of such infrastructure that would degrade the Greenbelt.