Why a Good Neighbour Campaign about Fleetwood?


They are the highest emitter of toluene, xylene and volatile organic compounds in the area. These chemicals impact our children’s development, make it hard to breathe and could damage our liver, kidneys and central nervous system.  

Fleetwood is located across the street from a residential area called Alderwood. The community is very concerned about the frequent exposure to chemicals and odours that are emitted from the facility. In particular, residents are concerned about the exposure that their children and the elderly have to bear. For example, Sir Adam Beck School is just north of the manufacturing facility and often the fumes are very strong during the day while the children are outside for recess.

There have been a number of complaints to the Ministry of the Environment and even though Fleetwood is complying with all the provincial standards, the residents hope to work with Fleetwood to raise the standards to a level that is acceptable to the community.

TEA became aware of this issue during our Community Right to Know Campaign (CRTK) where Fleetwood was raised as a toxic concern. Our CRTK campaign advocated for a bylaw that would mandate all business facilities in Toronto that use toxic chemicals to report the chemicals that they use and release and to make this information publicly accessible. The bylaw was passed in December 2008.