Zero Waste Spotlight: Foodshare

We’re highlighting community groups and initiatives that are showing how Toronto can get to zero waste. You can read more about the zero waste vision in Zero Waste Toronto: A Vision for Our City.


Working with communities to deliver food education and promote urban agriculture 

The challenge:

Too often, our food comes from far away, and many people struggle to find affordable, healthy things to eat. Many people in Toronto don't have land to grow their own food, and don't have the space to compost their food scraps.  

The solution:

Community gardening and urban agriculture projects allow Toronto residents to work together to grow healthy food. Community composting sites can take garden and household food waste to recycle nutrients into fertile compost to grow more food! 


About Foodshare: 

Foodshare works to connect people with healthy food - through good food markets, community garden support, community kitchens and urban agriculture projects. Local, unprocessed food eliminates the need for packaging, and is a great example of a truly circular and sustainable food economy.  

Their mid-scale composter receives 22 tonnes of organics and food waste each year, using a simple container system to to recycle nutrients and divert organics from landfills. This compost fertilizes the soil in the community gardens that Foodshare operates. 

Foodshare also offers support for community groups and individuals to create their own composting programs by providing advice on constructing a mid-scale composter, and on how compost can best be utilized to improve soil quality.

Visit their website.