Zero Waste Toronto

We're advocating for a zero waste Long Term Waste Strategy for Toronto. Click here to find out more.


Every day, Torontonians throw away packaging and products at home, at work and in public and private spaces across our city. Too often we throw away things that can be reused, recycled, or composted. By doing this, we are also throwing away good green jobs and a chance to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.   

TEA's new report Zero Waste Toronto sets out a vision for how we can stop this waste.

Across the world, people, businesses and cities are adopting a vision of zero waste. A zero waste path for Toronto will protect the environment, benefit the community and support good green jobs and a strong local economy.  

This report provides innovative ideas and concrete examples that can help as our city discusses what kind of future we want and what path we will choose to take on waste.

Our intention is to inspire Torontonians and City Councillors with this vision of zero waste for Toronto, and demonstrate how achievable it really is.

We have the tools, the ideas and the opportunity: together, we can push forward for a zero waste future for Toronto. 

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