Zero Waste Spotlight: Furniture Bank

We’re highlighting community groups and initiatives that are showing how Toronto can get to zero waste. You can read more about the zero waste vision in Zero Waste Toronto: A Vision for Our City.

Furniture Bank

Collecting furniture and supporting those in need

The Problem:

When people move, grow out of furniture, or just want something new, what can they do with their old housewares? Too often, useful furnishings end up in the garbage, or out on the curb. At the same time, thousands of families and individuals in Toronto are setting up a home for the first time, and just can’t afford to.

The Solution:

Simply dumping used furniture is a waste of resources and it costs the environment. Reusing is a key part of zero waste, and by re-distributing goods to families and individuals in who can use them, we can also benefit our communities.

About Furniture Bank:

Toronto’s Furniture Bank picks up gently used furniture and housewares and delivers them to newcomers, refugees and individuals who have recently transitioned out of homelessness. They accept donations of anything that ‘makes a house into a home’. Their pick-up and delivery service gives more options to help people reuse.

Last year, they helped more than 7,500 clients set up their home, keeping more than 1,500 tonnes of waste out of landfill.  

 “There are many organizations like Furniture Bank working towards a zero waste Toronto; however, we need further investment from the city and other stakeholders so we can expand the work we do to meet this vision. Our social enterprise, workshop program and client services are just the beginning. " - Dan Kershaw, Executive Director, Furniture Bank

To find out more, visit their website here