2015 Local Air Quality Study Locations Unveiled!

It was just announced at Toronto City Hall that 3 Local Air Quality Studies will get started this year, covering 9 City Wards!

The City of Toronto's Environment & Energy Division is in charge of these Local Air Quality Studies and made the announcement during their public presentation to Parks & Environment Committee on January 12, 2015.

Two Local Air Quality Studies have already completed along the lakeshore, first in South Riverdale-Beaches and then in South Etobicoke. Now the studies are branching out to other neighbourhoods where high levels of air pollution and higher health risks are expected.


The first Local Air Quality Study of 2015 will be North York (Wards 8, 9, 10). North York has a combination of industrial zones and busy highways that will likely contribute to the poor air quality. TEA has partnered with community organizations in Jane-Finch (Ward 8) for over 3 years, working on issues such as toxic pollution & air quality concerns. 


The second Local Air Quality Study is in Toronto East York (Wards 26, 29, 31). This area of East York is along the Don Valley Parkway, busy arterial roads like the Danforth, and includes industries in the Leaside Business Park. TEA has connected with local organizations about air quality concerns and knows that current development proposals may increased traffic and pollution.


The third Local Air Quality Study is in the northern part of Scarborough (Wards 39, 40, & 41). This area includes the neighbourhoods of Agincourt and Rouge River, which has a range of businesses as well as highway traffic that could contribute to poor air quality.