Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

TEA's 2021 Annual Report is here! Read the report, which includes wins and highlights from our campaigns, advocacy and community projects over the past year. 

In 2021, we continued to be a strong voice for bold climate and environmental action at City Hall - and made major progress on key issues, including pushing for the adoption of a more ambitious climate strategy and shaping policies that reduce the use of single-use plastics. We worked closely with allies, coalitions, communities and thousands of individual residents to hold our governments accountable and push for solutions that create a greener city for all. 

These wins were possible thanks to you, our community of supporters, donors, allies and collaborators. We hope that as you read our 2021 Annual Report, you will feel inspired by stories of solutions in action and wins at City Hall on issues that profoundly impact our city. Together, we are lighting a path to a greener city for all.