The 3Rs of Organics

Zero Waste is about conserving our resources and using them wisely: the 3R's of reducing, reusing and recycling - in that order.

When it comes to organics and food, we can use a similar hierarchy: prevent and reduce food waste, redistribute surplus edible food to feed people, and recycle the nutrients and energy in food through composting. No organics should be disposed in landfill or incinerator.



Community groups and businesses in Toronto, and other cities in North America, are showing how a focus on organics is part of zero waste. See some examples of zero waste solutions here. 


This graphic is from our Organics First:Setting Toronto on the Path to Zero Waste, our report that outlines the first steps we need to take towards our vision of zero waste. 


Our Zero Waste Toronto report outlines what zero waste is, what the benefits are to Toronto, and all the ways that we can reduce our waste to zero.