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TAKE ACTION: Tell your MP Toronto needs climate action funding

The City and the federal government are in talks right now to chart a new financial course for Toronto. We can’t miss this historic opportunity for our leaders to work together to address the climate crisis by funding priorities like reliable, frequent TTC service, green, affordable housing, as well as delivering federal funding to support refugee claimants.

The federal government’s climate plan depends on bold action from Toronto – Canada’s biggest city. But Toronto’s ambitious plan will stall without federal funding for key planks like transit.

Use this tool to send a message to your MP. It will also go to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, with a copy to the Mayor and the Chair of the City’s Budget Committee

Cities like Toronto are taking strong action where they can, but they simply don’t have the financial tools to match the scale of the climate emergency alone. The federal government has access to far more powerful funding tools and resources.

It’s time for our elected leaders at all levels to back up their ambitious climate promises with strong, sustained funding - starting now. Together we can build a better city.