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ChemTRAC gives community members access to information about where toxic chemicals are used and released in their neighbourhoods and workplaces.

Since 2010, the ChemTRAC Program has been run by the City of Toronto. Toronto Public Health is in charge of ChemTRAC because breathing in these toxic chemicals have known health impacts ranging from asthma to cancer. The ChemTRAC website includes an interactive map to find out which toxic chemicals are released near your home. You can also search by company name or business sector, which is a great resource for workers.

Many businesses reporting to ChemTRAC have an increased awareness about how to reduce toxic chemicals in their workplace, and ChemTRAC offers support to help businesses go green!

ChemTRAC would not exist if it wasn't for the grassroots Community Right to Know campaign led by TEA and Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition partners. As a result of our hard-won efforts, this innovative program is the first of it's kind in Canada - giving Toronto residents, businesses and decision makers more information about toxic chemicals than any other city!

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