Keep Your Fabrics Toxic-Free this Fall

With a change in season comes a change in clothes! As you begin switching over to warmer jackets and cozier blankets this fall, you might realize that some of your items smell musty, stale or just need a good cleaning! But what do you do when these items can't easily be thrown in the washer and dryer, the ones that need special care or have labels like 'hand wash' or 'dry clean only'? 

We have a solution that will breathe new life into your winter wear without all the harsh chemicals. 

Knitted scarves and sweaters, wool blankets and peacoats, feather down jackets and duvets can all be dropped off at a wet cleaning shop near you! Wet cleaning can take care of all your “dry clean only” items, without using harmful chemical solvents like perc (perchloroethylene).

TEA recently visited some of Toronto's top wet cleaning businesses to see how they handled the fall/winter seasons outerwear. There are rows of Canada Goose jackets, vests and winter coats and bins of scarves, chunky knit sweaters, and wool blankets being wet cleaned daily. 

 Knits, coats, jackets, scarves, suits and more can all be cleaned with wet cleaning

Studies have shown that harsh dry cleaning chemicals like perc can leave residues in your clothing. It's unlikely that any of us want to snuggle into a wool blanket or down duvet with chemical residue in it. Perc residue in fibers can actually off gas into your home for over a week after you bring it home from the cleaners. 

Wet cleaning is an alternative to dry cleaning that is so gentle on delicate fabrics that it will leave your sweaters, scarves and blankets softer and cleaner - with no chemical residue. Using small quantities of water and specially formulated detergents in computer-controlled machines, wet cleaners can clean all your items labelled "dry clean only". Finishing touches at the end of the cleaning process ensure the perfect fit with no shrinkage

Find out where you can get your fall and winter wear wet cleaned by using TEA's online directory of 100% professional wet cleaners. Other cleaners in the city might offer both chemical cleaning and wet cleaning. If you have a favourite neighbourhood cleaner, ask them if they offer a wet cleaning option.