Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning: not so clean


Toronto has innovative programs that give us the "right to know" where toxic chemicals are found in our communities and workplaces. This includes the chemicals used by dry cleaners in the city. 

The term “dry cleaning” actually describes any professional cleaning process that uses a liquid chemical solvent instead of water. All cleaners get your clothes wet before they dry and press them. Data from the city shows that most dry cleaners in Toronto are using an old school toxic substance called 'perc' to remove stains.

Perc is listed on Toronto's Toxic 25 list and dry cleaners in the city use over 27 tonnes of perc every year! It is suspected to cause cancer, respiratory illness, and harm the reproductive system. Most at risk are workers & residents living near these shops, but perc can also off-gas from the clothes for days.

The good news is there is an alternative. 

Wet cleaning uses small quantities of water and specially formulated detergents - it can clean all of your "dry clean only" items without any toxic chemicals or residue. It is the safer alternative for our health and the environment. 

Choose the safer option and encourage your local dry cleaner to make the switch. 

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