City to create Long Term Waste Strategy

In 2013, the City of Toronto began developing a Long Term Waste Plan to deal with our waste in the next 30-50 years. TEA spoke with Councillors and urged them to modify the staff recommendations to include more focus on reducing our waste, not just disposing of it. 

In March 2013, Staff proposed the creation of a Long Term Waste Management Strategy, to be completed in 2015, that would outline what will happen when the City-owned Green Lane Landfill is full (in 2026).

TEA staff spoke at the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meetings and urged the Committee to get further details on how the strategy would be created, how the public could be involved, and to focus further on waste reduction. 

Victory! In July 2013, Toronto City Council approved the development of a Long Term Waste Plan that included a more comprehensive look at Toronto's waste over the next half century.

Council asked staff to include a full Waste Reduction and Diversion plan along with the waste disposal plan. The Long Term Waste Plan will now also include a review of new recycling and composting technology, new educational techniques, and bringing better waste services to all parts of Toronto and all City waste customers.  

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