(Image: Toronto Island flooding)

Toronto: Declare a Climate Emergency and Accelerate Climate Action

UPDATE: On October 2nd, 2019, Toronto City Council passed a climate emergency declaration and committed to accelerated action in this Council term. (Read the motion here).

Toronto Mayor John Tory said he'll ask Toronto City Council to declare a climate emergency on October 2.

We are experiencing a climate emergency: the floods, storms, and heatwaves in our city are putting residents and communities at risk.

A symbolic emergency declaration isn’t enough: City Council needs to commit to urgent, accelerated action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect residents from climate shocks. 

Tell your Councillor to support a Climate Emergency declaration that includes a commitment to actions in the next 2 years.

Contact your Councillor and the Mayor before the Council vote on October 2nd. 


[1] Toronto Star: "Mayor John Tory says it’s time for Toronto to declare a climate emergency". September 20, 2019. 

[2] 47 organizations - including environmental, health, labour, social justice, education and transit organizations  - recently issued a public a call to action for City Council with 20 concrete recommendations to accelerate climate action locally. Read "An Open Call to Toronto City Council: Declare a Climate Emergency and Commit to Accelerated Action" here.