Council Watch - City services under attack!

City Services under attack!

City Hall is conducting a major review of all City services to determine which programs to reduce or cut. This review has a very short timeline, and focuses on short term costs, failing to consider the environmental and social benefits of Toronto's programs.

But Torontonians made it clear that environmental programs are important - of the nearly 13,000 people that participated in the public consultation process, 93% stated that environmental programs are 'necessary' for or 'contribute to' the City! Read more here.

Consultants hired by the City recently released recommendations to achieve cost-savings -- these will be considered by committees next week and voted on at Council in September. The gravy-seeking consultants found that over 90% of City services reviewed are mandatory (legislated by the Province) or essential to City function.

The consultants have gone so far as to suggest shutting down the Toronto Environment Office entirely - the City office which coordinates and manages all of the City's environmental programs, policy and research - including the LiveGreen program, climate change strategy, energy efficiency programs and more.

Other Service Cuts 

  • Lower our waste diversion targets, send more waste to landfill, and stop the roll-out of green bins to high-rise residents
  • Cancel Community Environment Days & the Toxic Taxi which collect household hazardous waste from those who can't get to the City's drop off depots
  • Contract out more waste services
  • Stop planting trees and reduce our urban forest targets
  • Cancel the Urban Agriculture program that helps residents grow fresh food on excess city parkland
  • Read more on our website

TEA and many others will be at the City Committee meetings all week. We'll be telling Councillors how important these programs are and cutting these programs will cost us clean air, a healthy community and a livable city.


The TEA team

Local Food Victory!

Despite threats from some Councillors to cancel Toronto's important Local Food Procurement Policy, on Thursday July 14, Toronto Council voted 40 to 1 in favour of retaining a Local Food Policy!

TEA collected over 1700 letters and petition signatures from residents demanding that Council support local food, local farms and the

Thanks to all of you for your signatures and calls to your Councillor! Read more on our website.

Visit TEA's booth at the LiveGreen Toronto Festival this weekend!

Saturday July 16, 11:00am - 8:00pm, Dundas Square
See for yourself all the great environmental services offered by the City (and that we might soon lose)