S. Wineland, Winter Ravine Hike

Greenbelt Resource Links

The Greenbelt is the source of Toronto’s drinking water. Its forests help clean Toronto’s air, and its prime farmland provides us with fresh food.

TEA works with other organizations to get the Province to change the Greenbelt Plan to allow urban river valleys to become part of the Greenbelt.

For more information about the Greenbelt surrounding our city, see the following resources:

Ontario Greenbelt Alliance

Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

Greenbeltfresh.ca: an online farmers market

Toronto Food Policy Council

GTA Agricultural Action Committee

Land Food People Foundation


Harvest Ontario - local food & food tourism resource

Wines of Ontario


Alphabet City Food Project

Edible Toronto Magazine

The Greenbelt Plan 2005 (City of Toronto)

From Rattlesnake Pt. Prov. Park: Jeff Powers on Flickr