March 30 Town Hall Meeting: The Greenbelt Needs You!

The Greenbelt is under threat and it needs you on March 30 to tell the Provincial Government to make sure the Greenbelt not only survives but thrives.

In late February, the Province announced a 10-year review of the Greenbelt Plan, as part of a larger coordinated land use planning review. The review begins with town hall meetings to give the public a chance to tell the Government what they think of the Greenbelt and how they want it changed. The Toronto Town Hall meeting takes place on March 30th at the Toronto Reference Library, starting at 6 pm.

The Greenbelt needs you to tell the Province to stop the threats to the Greenbelt! Your voice is needed to counter those who see the Greenbelt as an obstacle to their bottom line. 

RSVP now and join other Torontonians to defend and improve the Greenbelt.