Imagine a carbon neutral Toronto

At a recent event hosted by the City, I was asked to imagine what my life would look like if Toronto was carbon neutral in 2050. It was a question that required me to think about many transformative changes that would need to take place in the city. 

Reducing our carbon emissions requires us to change the way we live, what we buy, how we get around the city, and much more. 

Like many other cities, Toronto has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. To help achieve this goal, the city has set up TransformTO - an initiative that looks to engage Toronto residents and businesses in imagining the transformative changes that need to take place to reduce our emissions.

As the graphic below shows, everyday activities such as how we get around the City, or what we throw away all contribute to our emissions. 


As part of TransformTO, the city has hosted community events and also collected feedback through a workbook. Last Fall, the City hosted a number of events focused on specific issues such as transportation and how it relates to climate change. Hundreds of people were in attendance, and made it very clear that Torontonians want the City to act on climate change.

This Spring, TransformTO is hosting a series of Community Conversations beginning in late April to help develop a low-carbon vision for the City. This is a chance to share your thoughts on how we can improve the way we live, travel, work and play in the City.

If you are interested in sharing ideas about how we can improve our communities and prepare our city for the impacts that climate change will bring, sign up to receive special climate action updates & opportunities from TEA.


Please take the time to attend one of the consultations and share your ideas on how we can build a low-carbon city. To register and learn more about the events, visit

April 25 - Metro Hall - 6-9pm (Downtown)

April 27 - Ken Cox Community Centre - 6-9pm (Etobicoke)

May 3 - Scarborough Civic Centre - 6-9pm (Scarborough)

May 9 - North York Memorial Hall - 6-9pm (North York)