MEDIA STATEMENT: Toronto and area carbon emissions rising as a direct result of Provincial government climate inaction and interference

Statement from TEA’s Campaigns Director Sarah Buchanan on TAF’s 2021 carbon emissions inventory

New data released today from The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) shows greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto are rising - in large part due to the Provincial government’s decision to add more fossil fuels to Ontario’s electricity supply. The increase in gas plant use is responsible for an alarming 28% increase in electricity emissions across the GTHA, driving up carbon pollution every time Ontario residents turn on the lights or crank up air conditioning through escalating heatwaves. A dirtier electricity grid makes it harder for cities like Toronto to fight climate change and achieve its targets of net zero emissions by 2040. 

The new greenhouse gas inventory also shows that building emissions - the top source of emissions in Toronto - are now 61% of total emissions. This number will only rise if the Province moves ahead with Bill 23 (More Homes Built Faster Act). The bill would gut the Toronto Green Standard, scrapping the strongest tool Toronto has to meet critical targets for more efficient, zero-carbon buildings. 

Toronto’s overall emissions have been flat or rising in recent years. Reversing this trend will require strong and sustained action from our municipal government - and an end to interference from the Provincial government. The Ontario government’s actions - including building carbon-intensive highways, burning more fossil fuels to keep the lights on, and tearing up municipal green standards - are driving up carbon emissions now, and will block cities like Toronto from achieving their climate targets in the future.

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