To Save Money on Electricity Bills Cancel Nukes, Not Renewables

The just announced Provincial plan to scrap $3.8 billion in renewable energy projects is supposedly aimed at saving ratepayers about $2.45 per month.

If the Minister of Energy were really serious about keeping our hydro bills in check, he should focus on what is happening with the nuclear refurbishment at Darlington that will cost anywhere from $12.8 to $32 billion.

As the Ontario Clean Air Alliance has shown, the Province could save huge amounts of money by scrapping this refurbishment and getting hydro electricity from Quebec. Just yesterday, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance reported that Ontario Power Generation is asking for a rate increase that will more than triple what we pay for nuclear power by 2026. This will invariably lead to significantly higher electricity bills since we rely so heavily on nuclear power.

Let’s be clear: if the Government really wanted to save Ontarians money, they would cancel the Darlington nuclear plant refurbishment and buy hydro power from Quebec. Not only would this bring our hydro bills down from what they will be if we rebuild Darlington, it would still leave lots of money to build more renewables and help Ontario build a 21st Century power system.