Riverdale Cleaners

TEA is recognizing the green business leadership of Riverdale Cleaners, one of the few non-toxic garment cleaners in Toronto.

On September 27th, TEA recognized Riverdale Cleaners as a 2017 Green Business Leader for providing wet cleaning services to their customers. Wet cleaning is the best alternative to the chemicals used by traditional dry cleaners because it uses no toxic substances, creates no air or water pollution, and conserves water and energy!

With support from The Ontario Trillium Foundation, Live Green Toronto, and ChemTRAC we are raising awareness about wet cleaning and acknowledging the leadership of small businesses who offer sustainable and non-toxic alternatives to Torontonians.

Caullyn & Rebecca Godfrey are the owners of Riverdale Cleaners and they are proud to offer their customers a non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning. When they decided to get into the garment care business a few years ago, they did their research and visited a dry cleaning plant to see it in action. Caullyn recalls that after leaving the plant, his shoes were really sticky and he realized that the soles of his shoes were melting from stepping in some sort of chemical on the plant floor. It was then that he realized this line of business can be very toxic.

By seeking out safer alternatives, the Godfrey’s discovered that wet cleaning was a far better business decision. The health benefits of wet cleaning was a big motivator for the Godfrey’s, and so were the environmental benefits. There are no hazardous chemicals used (just biodegradable products), which means the workers, the customers and the environment are protected. Riverdale Cleaners also offers a reusable garment bag to cut down on plastic waste!

Riverdale Cleaners is a Live Green Toronto business, so if you are a Live Green Toronto member you can take advantage of some great deals at their shop! Learn more here

As you can see from our Dry Cleaner Scorecard below, Riverdale Cleaners stands out as a wet cleaner because they don’t pose health risks to people or the environment.

Riverdale Cleaners is profiled on TEA’s Wet Cleaner Directory.

Visit their website for more information: http://www.bestlaundry.ca/