An Attack on Local Democracy is an Attack on the Environment

Statement from TEA's Executive Director Franz Hartmann. 

This morning, Premier Doug Ford announced his government would slash the size of Toronto City Council from 47 Councillors to 25. While the Province has the legal right to do this, this proposed move is nothing less than an attack on local democracy, civic engagement in Toronto and a healthy environment.

The Ontario Government did this without any consultation with those affected. It is a fundamental principle of democracy that the people should be consulted and help decide how they are governed.

The Ontario Government’s move will also undermine the ability of Torontonians to be actively involved in City Hall, including advocating for better environmental actions. A slashed City Council means decisions at City Hall will now increasingly be made by a smaller circle of politicians who are less accountable and available to their constituents, and who increasingly rely on unelected staff to manage a much larger workload. And this will undermine Torontonians wanting to build a greener city for all.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance is working with other civil society organizations to organize a response to this news.