TEA Submission to the Ontario Power Authority on future of electricity system

The Ontario Power Authority has been asked by the Minister of Energy to advise him on what Ontario's 'supply mix' (how much electricity should come from nuclear, gas, wind, etc. and how much conservation is achievable) should look like in the future. In this submission, TEA argues that the OPA is asking the wrong question: they are asking where will the kilowatts come from and ignoring how they will be used, which is what has produced the current economic and ecological fiasco in our 'bigger is better' electricity system.

The real question is what energy services do we want (light, comfort, motive power, information management...) and how do we provide those services. If we follow that line of thought and look at the technological options available to us, then we find that we should be focusing on an efficient, de-centralized, green energy future. But this will require a very different approach to system planning - one that entrenched interests (such as the nuclear industry) are likely to ignore or openly oppose.

Read the official submission by TEA, as well as the Presentation made to the OPA.