TEA helps establish the Urban Climate Alliance

Since Fall 2014, TEA has been actively involved in a unique new initiative connecting five city-based environmental groups in Ontario that focus on building greener cities. At our fourth meeting this January in Hamilton, we decided to name our collaboration the Urban Climate Alliance to recognize the fact that our collective goal was to help Ontario cities deal with climate disruption.

Urban Climate AllianceThe Urban Climate Alliance includes the  Citizens Environment Alliance,  Ecology Ottawa, Environment Hamilton, Oakvillegreen Conservation Association, and TEA. We are already working together on a number of initiatives including promoting cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in our individual cities where our combined hundred thousand plus supporters live. We’re also working together to ensure federal infrastructure money is made available to assist our cities build needed pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, including infrastructure that connects us to transit.

The members of the Urban Climate Alliance are extremely optimistic about what we can do by working together. We know we are doing something that has never been done before. We also know that our efforts are needed to ensure municipal and provincial governments act to prepare us for climate disruption. What is unclear is the impact our 5 groups will have in working together. 

It’s an experiment we’re all eager to participate in because we see the potential in harnessing the power of our strength in numbers.