Toronto Smog Hike

1700 posters • 1700 messages • 1700 lamp posts • 1 long hike

We'll be attaching 1700 posters with individual messages from Torontonians about smog.
Each lamp post will represent one annual death.



Today we walked from the lake all the way to Finch Avenue!

We put up 1,150 messages.

We're continuing Monday morning to put up the remaining 550.

Yonge street. Starting at the bottom, walking north for 1700 lamp posts.

1700 people die every year from smog related illnesses in Toronto.

Help us put a face to this number!


1) Exhibit of all 1700 posters, Sunday September 23, 10am to noon. At the Harbour Square Park (foot of Bay Street, beside the Ferry Terminal). TTC - The Harbourfront LRT drops you right at the park! Get off at Ferry Docks stop.

2) The Smog Hike! Join us for a few blocks or a few days! We leave at noon on Sunday, and we'll keep hiking until we've postered 1700 lamp posts. Could take awhile....

Smog Hike Postering
ed by
Toronto Environmental Alliance & David Suzuki Foundation