TransformTO Letter of Support to City Council

Forty groups and notable Torontonians have united to send a letter to Mayor Tory and City Councillors to show support for the bold new climate action plan that will be voted on at City Council. 

View the letter as a PDF or read full text below.

Dear Mayor Tory and Toronto City Councillors,

Toronto shares an ambitious yet achievable climate goal with cities like London and Washington, D.C. – reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. With TransformTO, we now have a clear plan that will get us to our target and that shows climate action will bring us all much needed hope and prosperity.

We, the undersigned, urge you to adopt and fully implement TransformTO Report #2 – The Pathway to a Low Carbon Future when it is discussed at City Council on July 4, 2017. 

Create Multiple Benefits
We are excited about this climate action plan because the envisioned low-carbon actions has the potential to generate multiple benefits for all Torontonians:

  • Make life more affordable 
  • Create jobs and much-needed local economic activity
  • Improve public health
  • Reduce poverty
  • Keep Toronto competitive as a global city

Send a Signal to Provincial and Federal Government
The adoption of the TransformTO plan would send a clear signal to the Ontario and Federal governments that Toronto is ready to receive and invest climate action funds in ways that will reap maximum benefits. And with this decision, Toronto would join leading international cities like Paris and New York which recognize the vital role municipalities play in taking climate action.

It also acknowledges that we must take action now to ensure that we are leaving a modern, prosperous and healthy city for our children and grandchildren.

Mobilize New Resources through Collaboration
Transform TO Report #2 makes it clear that we must get serious about climate action and that doing so will contribute to current and future prosperity. The strategy takes a collaborative approach that ensures every climate dollar spent by the City leverages external resources and addresses environmental, social and economic priorities. This is exactly what Toronto needs.

TransformTO also creates a sound platform for accelerating the City’s emerging resilience plan. The Insurance Bureau of Canada recently urged all levels of governments “to come together and implement expansive climate policies that will better prepare Canadians and their communities for when disasters strike.” TransformTO would help do just that.

Finally, we welcome TransformTO as a plan that creates participation by businesses, residents, community organizations, associations, and civic leaders – like those of us who have signed this letter - in shaping and delivering this important work.

We are ready. We are full of hope. Let’s start creating a stronger Toronto by having Council adopt and implement TransformTO Report #2.


Sevaun Palvetzian, CEO

Bala Gnanam, Director, Sustainable Buildings Operations and Strategic Partnerships
Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Toronto Area

John Cartwright, President
Toronto & York Region Labour Council

Sandy Houston, President and CEO
Metcalf Foundation

Colette Murphy, Executive Director
The Atkinson Foundation

Kofi Hope, Executive Director
CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals

David Crombie

Cherise Burda, Executive Director
City Building Institute | Ryerson University

Ken Neumann, National Director for Canada
United Steelworkers

Jerry Dias, National President

Fred Hahn, President
Canadian Union of Public Employees, Ontario

Doris Grinspun, Chief Executive Officer
Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Scott Travers, President
Society of Energy Professionals, IFPTE Local 160

Carolyn Egan, Co-Chair
Good Jobs for All Coalition

Sean Meagher, Executive Director
Social Planning Toronto

Lucy Cummings, Executive Director
Faith in the Common Good

Rosemary Powell, Executive Director
Toronto Community Benefits Network

Tara Seucharan, Co-contact
Council of Canadians, Toronto chapter

Marion Fraser, President
Fraser & Company

Cara Clairman, President and CEO
Plug’n Drive

Geoff Cape, CEO
Evergreen Brick Works

Tim Gray, Executive Director
Environmental Defence Canada

Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director
Canadian Environmental Law Association

Gideon Forman, Climate Change and Transportation Policy Analyst
David Suzuki Foundation

Jack Gibbons, Chair
Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Paul Antze, Steering Committee Member
Green Neighbours 21

Rob Shirkey, Executive Director
Our Horizon

Angela Bischoff, Director

Sheila Murray, Cofounder
Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW)

Lyn Adamson, Chair

Marjorie Brans, Managing Director
School for Social Entrepreneurs and League of Intrapreneurs

Professor Kimberly Strong
Director of the School of the Environment
University of Toronto

Liz Rice, Toronto Chapter Co-Chair
Citizens' Climate Lobby

Gabriella Kalapos, Executive Director
Clean Air Partnership

Franz Hartmann, Executive Director
Toronto Environmental Alliance

Emmay Mah, Coordinator
People’s Climate Movement

Keith Brooks
Clean Economy Alliance

Dave Bulmer, President/CEO
AMAPCEO Ontario's Professional Employees

Daniele Zanotti, President and CEO
The United Way Toronto & York Region

Nicole Risse, Executive Director
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

Paul Mero and Rita Bijons – Co-Chairs
Green 13

Caleb Woolcott, Municipal Campaign Lead