How to Eat. Drink. Play. In Toronto's Backyard this Winter

Our Eat. Drink. Play. In Toronto's Backyard: Guide to the Greenbelt has been updated with fun ways you can connect with the Greenbelt this winter.

Our guide gives you some easy ideas for connecting with the Greenbelt- sometimes without even leaving the city! Attend some events in and around the Greenbelt, taste what the Greenbelt has to offer, and get adventurous with some unique winter activities. Enjoy the farmers' markets in around town, the local ice wineries, and eat up a storm buy buying local produce. There are endless possibilities to enjoying the Greenbelt and the brisk weather just brings more opportunities for new adventures.

Protecting the Greenbelt means we can all enjoy activities in and around the area. Consider showing your support for the Greenbelt by telling the Province to grow the Greenbelt along significant waterways, including urban river valleys: