VICTORY: New Waste Strategy Embraces Zero Waste

Thanks to TEA's work and the action of our supporters, Toronto's Waste Strategy has a long term goal of zero waste. 

It will tackle organic waste first, promote community solutions to reduce and reuse, and improve waste collection services to keep valuable resources out of our landfill. 

Just before lunch today, at Toronto City Council’s last meeting before a summer break, our City voted unanimously for a waste strategy that helps put us on the path to zero waste. This is a major victory for TEA’s Zero Waste Toronto campaign, especially when you consider how far we’ve come in the last three years.

When Toronto’s waste strategy began in 2013, it was entirely focused on building another landfill and maintaining the status quo. TEA immediately took action: we analysed government reports and wrote our own, sat on advisory groups and met with Councillors, allied with community groups and activated TEA supporters to take action. These efforts convinced Councillors to focus on the bigger picture: waste diversion and the 3Rs.

Thank you to our allies and thousands of supporters who were part of this victory and shared our vision for a Zero Waste Toronto that values our communities and resources instead of wasting them.

PWIC Chair Jaye Robinson receives 4000 petitions from TEA supporters

So now that the waste strategy passed by City Council, what’s next?

To make sure Council and the Solid Waste department walk the talk, we’ll be monitoring the roll out of the strategy very closely this year. This includes offering our expertise, promoting their new programs and services, and monitoring the 2017 Budget this Fall to make sure there’s enough money to realize their zero waste plans.

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